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Camp Rahh

I'm proud to be one of the five founding organizers of Camp Rahh, the PNW's first all-inclusive summer camp experience and urban detox for adults that launched in Summer 2015. Our work is largely in response to a growing trend of digital dependency that is threatening to undermine the way we connect with our friends, coworkers and community at large. Check out this Seattle Magazine write-up for some additional context.

In its first year, Camp Rahh hosted 60 campers, counselors & instructors over a three-day weekend on a 47-acre site on Samish Island which boasts dense forest, expansive grasslands and private beaches that stretch along Padilla Bay. In addition to classic camp lodging like cabins, tree-houses & huts, campers enjoyed ample facilities for group gatherings, communal dining & Summer recreation of all kinds. Campers from various backgrounds were empowered to emerge from their urban shells, connecting with likeminded people to explore new interests and practice being present in the moment. One key element of camp that helped accomplish this: attendees are not allowed to bring in any forms of technology, drugs or alcohol.

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